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Regardless of the level you compete at, sports massage can be of great benefit to those who are physically active. Even those who work physically demanding jobs or preform repetitive tasks at work stand to benefit from regular sports massage.  

What is a Sports Massage?


Sports massage is designed to have one of three effects; to prepare the body for physical activity, to prevent sports injuries and/or to maintain optimal physical condition.  This can be achieved through a pre-event sports massage, a post-event sports massage or maintenance sports massage.


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    The Importance of Proximity to the Event


    Depending on where you are in relation to your sporting event will dictate which style of sports massage will be of greatest benefit to you.  We offer pre-event, post-event and maintenance sport massage which accomplish a variety of different outcomes.


    Pre-Event Sports Massage


    For the best results, a sports massage before an event generally tends to performed anywhere from 1 to 2 days out or even on the day of the event.  During this sports massage, your massage therapist will work to prime the body for action by focusing on increasing the blood flow and, in turn, nutrients to the muscles which will be required as part of the up and coming physical activity.  This is achieved through faster techniques which generate heat.


    A pre-event sports massage has the ability to relax, stretch and increase the mobility of joints ahead of physical activity.  With confidence in your body feeling and functioning at its best, you can lie back and focus on getting your head in the game!       


    Post-Event Sports Massage


    In order to achieve the best results, a post-event sports massage should be performed as soon as possible following strenuous physical activity but no later than 1 to 2 days after the event.  

    The primary focus of a post-event sports massage is to promote healing and improve recovery time.  For this reason, a post event sports massage will be deeper and slower to facilitate the release of toxins, to realign muscle fibres and relax overused muscle groups.

    This is a great opportunity to increase blood circulation to sore and fatigued muscle.  By increasing the blood flow to these muscles we can increase the removal of waste products which are produced during strenuous activity, thus reducing the symptoms of fatigue and promoting a faster recovery.  


    Maintenance Sports Massage


    Maintenance sports massage should be performed routinely on those who engage in regular physical activity.  Many athletes see maintenance sports massage as an internal part of their training regime and vital to optimal performance.  Your massage therapist will focus on tight and sore muscles, stiffness in joints and areas which have previously been more susceptible to injury.  

    Soft tissue which carries unnecessary tensions/adhesion is more likely to experience strains and tears.  Additionally, soft tissue tension can also lead to secondary injuries and joint pain.  Can you afford to be sidelined with injuries during the season or on the lead up to an important event?  Regular sports massage can play a significant role in reducing the risk of injury, consistently producing your best performances and allowing you to continue achieving your goals without avoidable layoffs.  

    One of the tools our massage therapist have at their disposal is Trigger Point Release therapy (also known as Neuromuscular Technique).  This technique can be particular effective for muscle cramps and spasms.  A prolonged pressure is applied to help improve the communication between the brain and muscle in order to release the spasm, allowing the muscle to relax.  

    Some of the many benefits you can experience through sports massage include:


    • Reduced pain
    • Increasing blood flow which assists with healing and recovery
    • Improving flexibility 
    • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure
    • Reduced injury rate
    • Reduced swelling 
    • Decreased recovery time



    Is Sports Massage right for me?


    The beauty of sports massage is that there is a style for each and every stage.

    As you can read above, the time relative to your event will dictate how we treat you at any given time.  Our massage therapists qualifications and on-going training ensures each patient is treated as an individual and each massage is personalised to meet your particular needs.


    One of the most important aspects of managing the effects of physical activity on the body begins with an understanding of the demands of sport and exercise.  Each sport and exercise approach brings a unique set of physical demands, which require muscles groups to perform in a specific manner.  Our massage therapists operate with a level of experience and expertise which allows them to very quickly identify the areas which requires the greatest amount of attention and work to return the body to its peak physical state. 


    In some cases, an alternative type of massage may be more appropriate.  Therefore, it is vitally important that you disclose all relevant health information to your massage therapist to ensure the deep tissue massage is suited to your needs and right for you.

    What will happen during my sports massage appointment?


    Having completed a new patient form with the support of our clinic assistants, you will be led to one of our massage rooms where your massage therapist will clarify with you any information you have noted regarding your massage needs.  Here, you will be given the opportunity to add to or ask any questions you have before your massage begins.

    Once you and your massage therapist are happy to continue, you will be given a moment to get ready.  Your level of undress is always your decision and should be based upon your comfort levels.  Blankets and towels are provided, however, the area being massaged will likely need to be exposed.

    Our massage therapist will ask about what level of massage pressure you are comfortable with before beginning the massage.  The level of pressure applied is always under the control of the patient and if at any point the massage pressure is too little or too much this can be communicated to your massage therapist to ensure your massage is tailored to your needs.

    During the first part of your massage, our massage therapists will warm up and prepare the muscles with some lighter touch methods.  The proximity of the sports event will then dictate which of the afore mentioned styles your massage therapist will provide for you.  Please read “Pre-Event Sports Massage”, “Post-Event Sports Massage” and “Maintenance Sports Massage” which can be found above for further information.

    It is important to recognise although you will likely experience an almost immediate positive response to your sports massage, it may take a series of massages for the positive effects to remain lasting changes.  You and your massage therapist will review your progress at the beginning of each appointment to ensure you get the most out of care with us.  

    Unsure of what type of massage would suit you best?  Get in touch to let us know and our massage therapists can advise you on the most appropriate style of massage to suit your individual requirements.  Call today on 01738 248612 or send us a message via our contact portal.


      To comply with data protection regulations (2018), we are unable to store and use your information unless you give us your permission. Please select Yes to allow this. View our Privacy and Data Policy for full details.

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