Deep Tissue Massage In Perth


If you are experiencing aches and pains which cannot be managed by classic or Swedish massage, then a deep tissue massage could be exactly what you require to get back to feeling and functioning at your best.

What is deep tissue massage?


Deep tissue massage is a technique generally used on those suffering from chronic aches, pains and tension.  A deep tissue massage can be an effective form of treatment for an extensive number of conditions including muscle tension and spasms, whiplash and IT band issues.  Often chronic tensions results from overuse injuries such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Compared with a Swedish massage or relaxation massage, the speed of a deep tissue massage is usually slower and the pressure is greater and more focused on the areas of concern.  This allows for the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue to be worked upon and for rigid and scar tissue to be broken down. 

In administering a deep tissue massage, our massage therapists may use a combination of their fingertips, palms, knuckles, forearms and elbows in order to break down adhesion.  Depending on the desired effect, our massage therapists may chose to work following or across the soft tissue fibres.


The benefits of deep tissue massage go far beyond soft tissue and pain management. 

Some of the other benefits include:

Improved mood

Lower blood pressure

Increased levels of relaxation

Increased blood flow

Reduction in inflammation


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    What to expect at a deep tissue massage


    During a deep tissue massage, you can expect our massage therapists to be very attentive and considerate to your personal needs.  As deep tissue massage penetrates to the deeper layers of muscles, it is important to understand the significance of massage pressure. 

    Firstly, there is no need for a deep tissue massage to be sore.  However, in order to break down stubborn tension and scar tissue, it may be necessary for you to experience some degree of discomfort.  It is important to note, this does not mean unbearable pain and it is for the greater good.  Our massage therapists are highly trained and understand what is required to perform an effective deep tissue massage.  Even so, your massage therapists will engage in a regular dialogue to better understand your pain threshold and balance the “pain-pleasure” experience.

    In addition to the afore mentioned techniques, your massage therapist may make use of Trigger Point therapy.  Using this technique, your massage therapist will identify the area of muscle spasm or tension, which is often located in the belly of the muscle. From here, your massage therapist will apply a constant pressure and finish with a slow release.  This encourages the brain to communicate with the muscle and release the spasm and/or tension.

    What will happen during my deep tissue massage


    Having completed a new patient form with the support of our clinic assistants, you will be led to one of our massage rooms where your massage therapist will clarify with you any information you have noted regarding your health history and massage needs.  Here, you will be given the opportunity to add to or ask any questions you have before your massage begins.

    Once you and your massage therapist are happy to continue, you will be given a moment to get ready.  Your level of undress is always your decision and should be based upon your comfort levels.  Blankets and towels are provided, however, the area being massaged will likely need to be exposed.


    Our massage therapist will ask about what level of massage pressure you are comfortable with before beginning the massage.  The level of pressure administrated is always under the control of the patient and if at any point the massage pressure is too little or too much this can be communicated with your massage therapist to ensure your massage is tailored to your needs.


    During the first part of your massage, our massage therapists will warm up and prepare the muscles with some lighter touch methods.  Once there is heat in your muscles, our massage therapist will focus on the areas you have listed as concerns.   Our massage therapist will use stripping and friction to break down “knots” and adhesion. These massage techniques will use a combination of kneading and stroking, with varying degrees of pressure. 

    Your massage therapist may ask you to make use of breathing techniques during your appointment.  These techniques can be very useful when working on particularly tense areas and allow your massage therapist to work deeper into the muscle.

    Is deep tissue massage right for me?


    Deep tissue massage can have a significantly positive impact on increasing range of motion and in reducing chronic pain.  However, there are certain circumstances whereby it would be advised to avoid a deep tissue massage.  A deep tissue massage should avoid areas of bruising and areas where the skin is aggravated, such as wounds or rash bearing skin.  Those who have recently had surgery or suffer from osteoporosis may not be suitable for deep tissue massage and should consult the relevant health care professional before booking an appointment.

    It is vitally important that you disclose all relevant health information to your massage therapist to ensure the deep tissue massage is suited to your needs and right for you.

    Unsure of what type of massage would suit you best?  Let us know and our massage therapist can advise you on the most appropriate style of massage to suit your individual requirements.  Call today on 01738 248612 or send us a message via our contact portal.



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