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Whilst pregnant and preparing for the arrival of your new born, it is vitally important to take time out and look after yourself as well.  After all, you are and will be everything to your baby.  Duigan Chiropractic and Massage in Perth offer pregnancy massage which can be a fantastic way to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.  There is also an abundance of health benefits associated with massage during pregnancy.


What is a Pregnancy Massage?



First and foremost, our pregnancy massage supports the wellbeing of both mother and child during pregnancy.  They are designed promote comfort and to accommodate the anatomical changes your body experiences as a mother-to-be. Pregnancy massage often targets areas which bear the additional weight accumulated during pregnancy, such as the neck, upper and lower back as well as legs in order to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.  


Similar techniques to those used in a Swedish massage including stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping and vibrating will be used.  However, these techniques are modified to take particular care when working on sensitive areas.

As with every massage, pressure plays such an important role in meeting the needs of our patients.  Our massage therapists are trained to understand how the body will be feeling and functioning during this exciting time.  Therefore, through clear communication, each patient will receive their treatment exactly as they require it.


Benefits of pregnancy massage can include:


  • pain relief
  • reduced swelling
  • increase relaxation
  • improving circulation
  • increased sense of wellbeing



During pregnancy, your body will experience some anatomical changes to accommodate baby and prepare your body to give birth.  An expectant mother will experience their centre of gravity changing and their weight increase.  Although these changes are a wonder to experience and observe, these essential changes can often lead to aches, pains and discomforts.  Additional stresses on areas such as the neck, upper and lower back, abdominal muscles and legs are common but can be managed with regular pregnancy massage.

Having staff at Duigan Chiropractic with young families, we appreciate life doesn’t stop during pregnancy.  For those who already have young children to care for, the constant need to carry older siblings, breast feed and even play with your existing children can be very physically demanding.  Combine this with the additional stresses of your current pregnancy, it is imperative to seek assistance to rest, relax and recover. 


Is it safe to have a Pregnancy Massage?

We appreciate everything you do whilst pregnant is risk assessed to protect the wellbeing of mother and baby.  This is why we only ever have certified pregnancy massage therapists providing pregnancy massages in our clinic.  A pregnancy massage by a trained massage therapist is absolutely safe and often encouraged by midwifes to manage stress, muscle tension and general aches and pains.

It is generally considered safe to perform a pregnancy massage after the first trimester.  In some cases, such as, if you have been  informed that you are a high risk pregnancy or have additional medical conditions through pregnancy, it is important to consult your midwife before booking a pregnancy massage.  It is vitally important that you disclose all relevant health information to your massage therapist to ensure a pregnancy massage is right for you and your baby.


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    What to expect at a Pregnancy massage


    Pregnancy massage is a full body experience which works to counter the stresses and strains associated with pregnancy. 

    Our massage therapists respect the privacy and dignity of expectant mothers by ensuring only relevant areas of the body are left exposed.  We use towels and blankets to cover other areas to make certain you are as comfortable as possible both in body and mind.


    Unlikely regular massage, our massage therapist will avoid asking you to lie on your stomach or even your back.  Without wanting to state the obvious, lying on your stomach during pregnancy is ill advised and can be uncomfortable on both bump and breasts.  Even lying on your back should be avoided as this can lead to pressure being put upon major blood vessels, restricting blood flow to your baby and leaving you feeling nauseous. In most cases, the massage will take place with you lying on your side, supported between the legs with pillows and with the added comfort of our padded massage tables.  The use of pillows and cushions will allow you to lie in the most comfortable position possible, limit the pressure on your bump and giving your massage therapist access to the areas which require some TLC.

    If you would prefer certain areas to be avoided, be sure let your massage therapist know as they will be more than happy to accommodate any requests. 

    What will happen during my Pregnancy massage


    Having completed a new patient form with the support of our clinic assistants, you will be led to one of our massage rooms where your massage therapist will clarify with you any information you have noted regarding your massage needs.  Here, you will be given the opportunity to add to or ask any questions you have before your massage begins.  It is imperative you are booked in specifically for a pregnancy massage, your massage therapist is aware you are pregnant and how far into your pregnancy you are.

    Once you and your massage therapist are happy to continue, you will be given a moment to get ready.  Your level of undress is always your decision and should be based upon your comfort levels.  Blankets and towels are provided, however, the area being massaged will likely need to be exposed.


    Our massage therapist will ask about what level of massage pressure you are comfortable with before beginning the massage.  If you have previously had regular massages it is worth remembering that certain areas of the body will be treated with greater care and lighter touch.  However, as wth any of our massage treatments, the level of pressure administrated is always under the control of the patient and if at any point the massage pressure is too little or too much this can be communicated to your massage therapist to ensure your massage is tailored to your needs.

    During the first part of your massage, your massage therapist will warm up and prepare the muscles with some lighter touch methods.  As your massage therapist works their way around all of your troublesome areas, they will use similar techniques to those used in a Swedish massage including stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping and vibrating.  However, these techniques are modified to take particular care when working on sensitive areas.

    Following your massage, you will be offered a glass of water and given time alone to change back into your clothes.  Your massage therapist will return and make recommendations on next steps to facilitate a happy and health pregnancy.

    It is important to recognise that although you will likely experience an almost immediate positive response to your pregnancy massage, it may take a series of massages for the positive effects to remain lasting changes.  You and your massage therapist will review your progress at the beginning of each appointment to ensure you get the most out of care with us.  

    Call us on 01738 248612 to book your pregnancy massage today.  If you have any questions about our massage services, please feel free to call or fill out a contact form.   


      To comply with data protection regulations (2018), we are unable to store and use your information unless you give us your permission. Please select Yes to allow this. View our Privacy and Data Policy for full details.

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