Your Posture Matters!

There is an ever-increasing population presenting with some degree of bad posture. Bad posture is a common problem, but this does not mean it is normal.

As well as being a Doctor of Chiropractic, Ashlee Clark is also a Certified Posture Expert. This makes her Perthshire’s leading posture specialist.

Generally, we all know the importance of good posture and are aware of at least some of the implications that poor posture can have on our health, well-being and confidence. Just being aware of bad posture is not enough. At Duigan Chiropractic, we specialize in identifying postural collapse and giving comprehensive postural correction treatment and rehabilitation so that your posture becomes your strength.

Posture is important at all ages; from school age carrying heavy backpacks, to sports enthusiasts needing optimal performance, to people working 9-5 at a desk and people in their golden years burdened with a lifetime of wear and tear.

Posture Correction Program in Perth

Many people know they have poor or weak posture but are unaware of who they can turn to for help.
Click here to read about our Posture Correction Programme in Perth

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